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Berkinder is a property management company helping landlords of homes, offices or commercial premises to:

  • Ensure the best possible tenant selection and the punctual rental payment and minimize risks of non-payment.
  • Ensure the appropriate maintenance of their property.
  • Attendance to the Owners Association Meetings.
  • Payment of the guarantee deposit (bond) to INCASOL (Catalan Land Institute)
  • Advice on legal and tax aspects of a rental.

Berkinder Real Esate in Barcelona

If you hire our personalized services, we will manage your property and solve all the problems that may arise, even if there is not a tenant at that moment. Berkinder will only receive management fees when the property is occupied, so if you don’t get rent, we do not charge you any fees. This is the way Berkinder is committed to you.

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BERKINDER offers other optional services :

  • Insurance of monthly rent collection.
  • Certification of energy efficiency of the premises.
  • Certificate of habitability

         contact:  00 34 932098109